Live To Create

Entry # 1

Running For Beginners

Luke Harper

The best advice I could to new runners is simple in concept, but not execution; STAY THE PATH. 

Running is a journey, not a destination.  It takes discipline and an iron will because the journey won't always be easy. It is extremely rewarding and comes with a strong and supportive community. At first, the journey is filled with constant trial and error. Injuries run rampant and different types of shoes are tried as you attempt to find what works for you. There is not a universal approach because everyone is different and has different needs. In order to be successful as a runner, you must have the patience to figure out what works best for you.


Don't get discouraged from setbacks, but see each roadblock as a sign for you to reassess your running needs and try something new. It may seem like a long journey that seemingly leads nowhere at times but it is always harder to see the bigger picture when you are in the frame. Running requires many things; patience, self-discipline, good instincts. Above all, it is a gateway to explore the depths who you are. It is a way to express yourself through movement and to let your aspirations reflect through action. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to face who you are is not always an easy task. 

So beginners, if you set out to run 3 miles but feeling tired halfway through ask yourself, "who am I really?" My best advice at that moment, stay the path to find out.


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