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Entry #4

Why Do I Run?

Luke harper

As I begin this journey, I can't help but think; how did I get into running in the first place?

Ever since I was a little kid trying to find my identity in the world I always had a desire to be the fastest on the block. All the kids in the neighborhood raced quite often to see who had the most foot speed. It was cool to have a skill and be known for it and I knew at a young age I wanted running to be that skill for me in the future. But running filled me up with something inside that I couldn't explain. Over the next years of my life my choices and decisions reflected my desire to be the fastest.


Somewhere along the line of training, facing injuries, wining and losing races, I attached my self-worth to running. Many athletes do this and it is something that can take the love out of running - which exactly happened to me. My goals for running were SO big that I was afraid to even try because if I fail who would I be?


I ended up not running for 2 years after college to explore other avenues of fitness. Yoga allowed me to increase physical and mental awareness and I became hooked! Discovering the mind body connection propelled me onto a journey of obtaining self-worth and potential. But something was still missing. My inner voice still urged me explore my  running, but I was not confident that I could accomplish my lofty goals.


That is when I asked the question, why do I run? Multiple answers ran through my mind (pun intended) but nothing felt true. I had to search deeper within myself to discover that truth. I had to connect to the that young kid on the block who enjoyed putting his best effort forward against others. That kid who felt free in an all-out sprint. That kid who was completely connected to the action of running. Exploring my potential in the present moment became my passion.


In that moment that is when I realized why I run. It was not so much the action of running but more so the potential that running brought, but the potential of combining thought and action to form a reality of fulfillment.  People told us at a young age that anything is possible. As we grew up we stopped believing in that statement and started placing rules and limitation on what we think we can accomplish. 


I run because I am in constant pursuit of being my best in each and every moment that I experience. Being my best means not comparing my success or failures with others and understanding that this pursuit is a journey not a destination. So getting it right every time is not as important of just doing the action every time and allowing yourself to learn from the experience and grow. Running gives me the space to be free and to be true to my thoughts, actions and feelings. When I am at my best I am exploring all the possibilities in the moment always looking on how can I improve and not putting a cap on my potential.


Knowing the reasons why I run allows me to work crazy hours and still wake up in the morning to log in 15 miles. My "why" allows me to re-lace my shoes after missing days of training. By knowing why, I am not afraid to try over and over again. I am okay with not getting it right this day or the next. The destination is not the goal; the goal is to discover who I must become in order to obtain my desires. Those are the attributes I will continue to grow from and take with me as I explore other opportunities filled with potential.


Why do you ___ ?


Explore your potential

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