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Luke Harper Running Coach Yoga Instructor Move | Live | Balance



I ran competitively for over 10 years and completed in distances from short sprints on the track to 50 miles on the trails. Running is a sport that truly shaped me into the person I am today and instilled in me confidence, mental endurance and discipline and made me a better manager of my emotions.


What to Expect

By working with me you can expect to develop the skills needed to be your best by having the right mindset and knowledge of what it takes to reach your fitness goals. We will bring awareness to your actions and align your actions with purposeful intentions. My goal is not just to create your workouts but to provide you with tips and techniques that will drive you to perform your best in every situation.

The concept of showing up with a good attitude and giving your best effort is KEY when it comes to executing any training plan but can also be hard to do without proper support. Training for any discipline requires mental fortitude and persistence to achieve success but people are often not willing to put in the time and dedication necessary. We often lack the discipline to stay consistent in today’s society where instant results are what everyone is after - that is where I come in! I will help you develop the right mindset to defeat these negative patterns and push past boundaries that have held you back. Let’s work together to achieve your dreams!